It's A Fucked up life, may as well enjoy it.
cigarettes are the only material item I truly love.
It's A Fucked up life, may as well enjoy it.

Life is a terrible place for regrets, that sort of thing should be saved for the church pew. 
-Devin Hamilton 
Q: You have gorgeous quotes on your blog! I really like some of them. If you are able to right something like that, than it is amazing! :)
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"Who is selling what to whom? And what are the negotiations? I think it it is a common mistake to make disregarding the notion that there are odious plots and machinations present and active. The mistake of thinking an individual could not escape these horrible schemes is deplorable and worse yet. To these plotting masters the most explosive threat is to realize the power each individual holds, and with it, understand the material of their chains is fragile and requires one great shrug of the shoulders to break."
Devin Hamilton (via mrs-alicejones)


"Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously."
-Hunter S. Thompson

Wise words from one of the best.

“We are not Groupies. Groupies sleep with rockstars because they want to be near someone famous. We are here because of the music, we inspire the music”
Almost Famous (2000)Cameron Crowe