It's A Fucked up life, may as well enjoy it.
cigarettes are the only material item I truly love.
It's A Fucked up life, may as well enjoy it.

Heathers (1988)

Ph: Lukas Dvorak.

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"Courage is telling yourself what you need. Ever done that? Its hard man, I swear. Letting go is the first step. Feeling down? Protect yourself, transform into that insatiable party animal and whisper in your own ear. Be seductive, you can’t ignore it, red lights are waiting. Adopt what you need by becoming what you need. It is all inside you. Be your own psychopath, charmingly convince and manipulate yourself, that is courage. Not everyone is up to it.
Inevitability. Inevitably original emotions that are serious enough will creep back to the forefront of your consciousness and the psychopath will slink back, smiling like a damn demon too no doubt. When things are that serious its time to deal. Let go again. Be raw and hollow, it will be painful. So god damn painful. You kept the fun going for a good roll, and the music never stopped did it? Ahhhh there is the second cult secret of courage reserved for the few able to apply the skill without self destructing. To keep the fun going, but when shit gets serious, bleed. You deserve it. You’ve managed to keep those serious times few and far between. Self reliant courage, you coached yourself, bled but never died, and will wake up tomorrow. Courage isn’t easy. Neither are you."
Devin Hamilton- Note to self. (via wonderlandfronteir)
"I sat drinking my black coffee and watched the school of fish swimming unbeknownst between pedestrians on the sidewalk. I understood why Mr. ____ seemed a master. He listened to the symphony of unreality tapping at his senses. I took another sip. The coffee could be better."
Devin Hamilton (via wonderlandfronteir)
Although to love me you have descended into hell I find this place has better playmates. I am your cursed and wicked woman no thanks to Adams rib. Unfortunately, this is my element. The flames can’t strike a bargain when you burn from the inside. 

True agonizing love descends down to hell.